Tibetan Yoga are a series of postures which strengthen your core abdominal stability, reduces physical stiffness and improves general co-ordination whilst building your stamina and mental agility.

These flowing dynamic postures are designed to sustain and promote resilient vitality at every age from 16 to 70+. Sessions are taught within a mindful breath tradition.

Open to all abilities from complete beginner to advanced yoga practitioners these South West London Yogas offers simple stable and adaptable routines which are easy to integrate with regular activities.

For these sessions please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.

Tibetan Yogas

Ante-Natal Yoga

This yoga program adapts to the changes in your body and helps prepare for the final stages of pregnancy. Postures develop your sense of balance, co-ordination and general fitness levels as you adjust your sense of gravity. They are safe for you to start at any time as long as your pregnancy is stable.

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.

To book in person yoga coaching sessions please call 07751908414.


An open to all levels yoga and movement programme combines flowing of postures with moments for restfulness. This course supports mindful listening to your body whilst allowing for imaginative expression of inner dialogue from a place of stillness. You are given the foundation skills needed for home practise and the ability to further develop your skills in a structured and safe way.

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