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Reflexology Acupuncture Yoga and Online Coaching in Clapham and Battersea.

Restorative Rest in A Calm Oasis

Soothing touch of Reflexology on your feet hands or face offers renewed balance. Located in South West London with a Pan-London, National and European reach to deliver body treatments, yoga sessions and remote coaching.

Your bodies ability to relieve pain, safely repair, restore and renew itself is encouraged at a pace that suits your lifestyle with Reflexology, Facial Acupuncture Yoga protocols and Online Coaching at a pace to suit your lifestyle.

With Facial Acupuncture unlocks jaw tension tone your features and refresh cognitive abilities. Taking meditative yoga or dilemma coaching programs helps with reconciling concerns and connect to inner vitality..


At our Battersea clinic non-surgical treatments support your natural healing abilities, reduces the effects of premature ageing sagging skin, acne, dull or red complexion and many other facial or beauty problems. Regular treatments provide natural facelift solutions.

Acupuncture needles


Stress can build up in different ways Clapham Reflexology provides you with relief from aches and pains by improving circulation harmonising the different systems in your body to encourage your self healing processes. Regular treatments help you to better tune in with your body and easily respond to your innate need for wellness.


With a from the cradle onwards approach Clapham Reflexology is a responsive treatment using soothing pressure to relieve pain and replenish your natural balance.


Children bring exciting possibilities as well as unknown hurdles. When starting or extending your family either naturally or through IVF Clapham and Battersea Reflexology’s help as a cleansing and conditioning process can be a key support program to keeping you and your partner in the best possible health. Clapham and Battersea clinics offer relief in the early stages of pregnancy along with ongoing support as your needs change in preparation for the birth and beyond. Helps relieve sleep problems, chest aliments, issues due to prolonged standing or repetitious actions low level fatigue or simply for general wellbeing.

during pregnancy

Clapham and Battersea Reflexology promotes a non-invasive way for you and your partner to smoothly transition through the different stages of pregnancy. These bespoke responsive treatments encourage restorative sleep hormonal balancing whilst enhancing sense of comfort.

Birth Preparation & Ante-natal

Third trimester treatments offers in person appointments and online coaching sessions to help transition through the final phases of your pregnancy. Special Clapham Reflexology and South West London Yoga offers are also available see here.


Develop your mindfulness meditation into movement with South West London based yoga coaching. A short repetitive series of postures which become more complex as you build stability strength and stamina. Combined with Clapham Reflexology or as stand along coaching sessions these yoga’s are well suited when you’re looking to introduce physical vitality through resistance into your regular wellbeing schedule.

Pregnancy Yoga


The Battersea / Clapham Reflexology has good transport links to and from Central as well as across London and parking close by and is a few minutes from Clapham Common tube station. It is within easy reach of Clapham Junction, Battersea Park over ground stations and bus routes 35, 37, 44, 156, 137, 452, 87, 77 & 345.

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