An effective alternative to invasive procedures this deep gentle precise and relieving Reflexology helping to cleanse moisturise nourish and tone your skin.

Facial Reflexology applies pressure to your face which correspond to different parts of your body to build an understanding of your overall health and encourage lymphatic drainage which is capable of leaving you with a vivacious glow.

As with other Clapham Reflexology treatments a course of Facial Reflexology allows your face to consolidate the cleansing, muscle toning and nourishing treatment by helping to refresh your appearance.

Facial Reflexology


“Bringing You Home To Yourself & Staying That Way”

Interrupts the signals sent to and received from within, to bring relief, restorative rest, trauma transformation along with a range of useful self-help tools. This is a verbal coaching process where no hands on contact is necessary and all your senses are engaged. This On line Coaching is a guided self-care coaching program and helps bring you back to feeling your best self.




A Remote Coaching program looking at transforming inter-generational trauma by engaging all your senses to shift dilemmas from a secure place of inner stillness. This coaching programme sets up safe environments, resilience tools and practical resources to resolve vulnerable and difficult to transform feelings.

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