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Special Offer

£10 discount on 4 bookings paid in advance on BIRTH PREPARATION REFLEXOLOGY. This includes an initial consultation, 4 ANTE-NATAL YOGA appointments, or a combined 4 appointment Package of Pre-Birth Preparation Reflexology and Yoga appointments.

Your choice of bookings will be arranged during your first appointment. Please call me on 07751908414 or email me if you have any questions.


Battersea/Clapham and Stoke Newington

Facial Reflexology

45 mins £65.00

Clinical Foot or Hand Reflexology

45 mins £65.00

60 mins £70.00

90 mins £105.00

Home Visits from £130.00 - 60 mins

Pre-birth Preparation Reflexology

Initial treatment and consultation:

90 mins £105.00

£15.00 discount on 4 appointments paid in advance and taken within a 4 week period. Click here for Pre-birth Preparation Reflexology details.

Pre-conception, Pregnancy & Post-natal Care:

From 45 mins £65.00

Facial Acupuncture



Initial appointment/consultation:

90 mins £110. 00

Follow up appointments:

45 mins £65.00

Free initial consultation when 6 appointments booked and paid in advance.



First Appointment:

Up to 2 hours £200.00

Follow up treatments:



60 mins one to one sessions:


60 mins group sessions:

£30.00 per person

Yoga and Ante-natal Yoga:

Home Visits 60 mins £130.00

What Happens When I Have A Treatment?


You rest in a comfortable position with only your feet legs or arms uncovered. Facial Reflexology uses a variable pressure and no creams. Click here for prices.

Reflexology Treatment Times

Your First Appointment includes a consultation and treatment lengths are 30 minutes onwards. Click here for prices.

Facial Acupuncture

This restorative Acupuncture treatment combines with Reflexology and is given clothed with your shoes removed, whilst laying on your back. Click here for prices.

Facial Acupuncture Treatment Times

90 minutes - First Appointment Consultation & Balancing Acupuncture Treatment. 60 minutes - Follow up Appointments. Click here for prices.

Eating or Drinking Before Appointments

If you are eating or drinking immediately before or after a treatment/yoga class, please avoid a heavy meal and alcohol


Please note at least 24 hours notice is required when cancelling or full fee will be charged.

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